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Services - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We regularly do business intelligence (research and publications ; newsletter covering the MED region) in order to seize the best business opportunities of Algeria.
Services - Exhibition Support

Exhibition Support

Trade Shows Services :
Stand elaboration ; PR coverage ; Assistance in receiving your samples and displays ; Multilingual host and hostess.
Services - Networking


We managed to build strong relationships with many suppliers, distributors, and potential partners for your company. We can give you a list of decision-makers who can meet your expectations. We can also organize meetings with them so that they can give you the help you need.
Services - Facilitation and Support

Facilitation and Support

Algeria Partner’s clients will benefit from a personalized professional support from our team and network. We will help you meet your business goals. We ensure an efficient, cost-effective and easy implantation process.
Services - Market Study

Market Study

Who are your local competitor? To whom they sell and at what price ? Which of your products offer added value and high potential ? Which market penetration channel is preferred ? Which local counterpart is your target?
Services - Business Development

Business Development

During every step of our collaboration, we will make sure to promote your products and services and will guarantee your company an international success. MENA consulting can easily adapt to the constrains, needs and specificities, and also to the strategy of any company (development, export, implantation, etc).

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